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All you need to know before you schedule a lesson

  • What Subjects Do You Tutor?​
    General Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Geometry
  • How Does Online Tutoring Work?​
    Once the payment is done, at the pre-specified time I will send a Google Meet link. We can use a jam board for the topics and the scribbling purpose. If you need the slides after the class you will be able to access them. If you have any particular doubts, they can be discussed in the course itself. Usually, we try to get ahead of the class so that we will be in a comfortable position to revise when test papers are conducted. I give a lot of importance to test papers. Scoring better marks will help in gaining more confidence.
  • What Is The Pricing?​
    General Math, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry, I charge $40 per hour I suggest 2 classes per week. This will help in continuity throughout the week. On average every child attends a minimum of 5 hours per week of Math classes in School. So I insist on a minimum of 2 hours per week so that we can be at par or go ahead with the school lessons while bringing continuity of classes.
  • How Is The Payment Done?​
    You can transfer through PAYPAL or you can do a direct transfer to my bank account.​
  • Why Should We Work With You?​
    There are many reasons why you can trust me as a Math tutor. I will give two reasons why parents come to me. From my experience, I have seen many kids struggling in Math class mostly because some Math concepts in the previous grades are not thorough to them. I am an expert in identifying those concept knowledge gaps and filling them. This automatically boosts the confidence of the child and gives them more clarity about the current concepts taught in the class Imagine your child is doing excellent in the current grade and is ready to move forward, then I can help them with accelerated Math lessons and help them prepare for placement tests.
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