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Mistakes Make You Perfect!

One of the major issues faced by many students, while doing math is the problem of mistakes. Making mistakes often takes the interest out of math. In this article, I will be addressing the common types of mistakes and some remedial measures that when followed consistently will help students overcome these mistakes

Careless mistakes

These mistakes are frustrating kind of mistakes because the student has to spend quality time understanding the concept technique but the student will not get the benefit of it, just because he erred at the last minute. There are several reasons why the student is making careless mistakes, common among many are stress, anxiety, distractions, etc…even overthinking about mistakes can lead to careless mistakes.

How can a student address the issue?

  1. many students take the questions lightly or are not that serious while attending to the questions, which leads to lesser focus. Being conscious of the consequences can help the student in these circumstances. Awareness can solve the problem to a great extent. Careless mistakes have their root in a lack of proper level of engagement with the question. So being involved can help a long way.

  2. Practice, practice, practice is the next step in avoiding the mistakes. The student has to attend a lot of questions and find the answers alone. This helps him in finding the kind of mistakes that the student is usually making and the student will be more aware of it. This helps the mind to prepare better. By doing this the student is actively learning from the mistakes that he made., which will help him in preparing better

Lack of conceptual understanding

The next kind of mistake occurs due to the lack of conceptual understanding. If you take the example of fractions, if the student is not so thorough with the concept, learning the techniques alone can not save you. In this case, the student has to go through the concept and spend some quality time and understand the concept, so the techniques learned can complement him.

Lack of proper comprehension of the question

Another area in which students struggle is that the student will not comprehend the question in the right way. So the student will find a different answer altogether. The student may even know the right technique but in vain. So its very important for the students to focus and comprehend the question properly.

Incorrect procedure

This is another area the student has to focus on. In math, for almost all problems there are procedures. The student has to combine the conceptual understanding with the right technique to zero in, on the answer. Techniques are the logical conclusions of the conceptual understanding. Techniques can be improved with the help of practice, practice, practice…

These are some of the general mistakes that we see among students. I have suggested some remedies for each one of them. By being conscious of the mistakes a child can reduce the number of mistakes that he makes for an exam. Being aware of the mistakes improves concentration and helps better your learning experience, and even better and makes faster learning.

So that’s called “learning from your mistakes ”

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