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Tangible Math

Yes, there is math which is tangible. The conceptual understanding of the students increases multifold when they learn math visually and physically. There are many tools available in the market which could be used to increase the understanding of math. 


 One of my favourite tools to teach the basics of math is Cuisenaire rods. Operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division can be communicated very well to the students with the help of Cuisenaire rods.

The rods give both visual and physical stimuli to a student because they can see, touch and feel it. It acts as a link between the real and theoretical world and helps them understand the concepts in a much easier way compared to the traditional way of writing them down. To build a better  conceptual understanding, It is better to start teaching the students with real objects, then move towards pictures, then finally transition to numbers. 

There are several sites on the internet and numerous videos that you can refer to. is one such link that explains the concept in a simple way. 

This is just a small article which explains how visual and sensory perceptions could be utilized in math. Introducing tools like the Cuisenaire rods could make learning easier, and more enjoyable for your students. This is, however, a very broad, and deep subject.

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