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Math Formulas

 1 : 1 Online Math Tutoring 

What I do best is make my students fall in love with math. Math is Fun !!

                                                                                             -Geevan George


My Teaching Philosophy

If you love your teacher, you love your subject” This philosophy forms the core of my approach to teaching. My endeavor as an educator lies in not only earning the affection of my students but also fulfilling my responsibilities as a guide. Teaching, by its nature, defies rigid structures; it unfolds in an organic and spontaneous manner. The pivotal attributes essential for impactful teaching encompass patience, persistence, and a receptiveness to regular feedback. Teaching, at its essence, demands a personal touch, empowering students to become self-learners. I am steadfast in my belief that, as a teacher, I bear the responsibility of nurturing and facilitating the process of self-directed learning

Geevan George

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How It Works

How It Works

Conceptual Understanding​

I make sure that the student gets the conceptual idea behind the topic. That is the “why of mathematics”, without which the student is missing the big picture​

Technique Involved​

Once the conceptual part is done. Then I teach them the technique involved to solve the problem or  the “how of mathematics”​

Practice Practice Practice​

This is the part where champions are made. Practice, practice, and practice is the phase where all the differences are made.​

Mathematical Musings


What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

“Geevan is a great math tutor. My son Ezaac enjoys his classes very much. It was an easy transition for my child from 5th to 6th grade with his help. His sessions made my child confident, especially in math. He teaches in a very holistic way that, my son can relate to Math in his real life quite easily. With all the games and puzzles, my son always looks forward to his classes.”

- Ann Mathew

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